Home Page of Matthew Morgan en France, where I both DJ { matthewukDJ.eu } across South West France, for British Expats, other English speakers, and frequently now, French, Dutch, Australian and Irish clients, and I also own and  run a small electronic security business   SARL alarmes et surveillance Dordogne.

I am aiming to open a gite here summer 2022

Until then, just familly and Friends in “Millie’s” room or the “Blue” room {not blue any more}

St Martial d’albarede is a small commune in the Perigord Vert,  Dordogne.
The name of the town evokes both the first bishop of Limoges in the 3rd century, particularly revered in Périgord, and the shady banks of the Loue. The old Occitan word “auberada” or “albareda”, itself derived from the Low-Latin “albarius” refers to the white poplar, tree that commonly grows on the edge of our rivers.

à 30 km au nord-est de Périgueux

Situation géographique
Coordonnées GPS :
Latitude   : 45° 19’ 33’’
Longitude : 01° 01’ 54’’
Superficie : 10,28 km2
Nombre d’habitants : 457 (données 2007)”